• Exercise bikes
  • Maintain your investment

    We all know it’s more sensible to keep fit than sit around on the couch. A healthy body, a healthy avoidance of hospitals – or something like that.

    It’s the same with your gym equipment.

    By regularly visiting your gym we’ll ensure that everything is operating as it should. And we’ll fix any little problems before they develop into expensive ones. Or worse still, something dangerous.

    Ensuring your treadmill belts are always properly lubricated greatly extends the life of the running belts, the running deck and the motors. Regularly monitoring cables on pin-loaded weight equipment can reveal small signs of fraying, minimising the possibility of them snapping with potentially horrific repercussions.

  • Avoiding equipment downtime is a big deal for us and GymWorld’s regular servicing has kept our gear in great nick.

    So avoid the ire of your members caused by poorly-performing or unusable equipment by enquiring about our gym maintenance services. Tell us about your gym and its equipment and we’ll be in touch to discuss the best service arrangements for you.

  • The personal trainer for your gym equipment